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We're a small team educating people about digital rights, privacy, security, digital control, and other important topics to push the world towards a safer internet. We envision a world where technology works for us, not against us—and we want to prove to people they can make a real impact for themselves and others. You can find more information about Techlore on our wiki.

Who We Are

Henry Fisher

Henry Fisher 🔗

Runner, artist, musician, book nerd and privacy advocate. I'm the owner of Techlore & co-host of Surveillance Report. I've been developing resources for nearly a decade, using my voice and expertise to spread privacy, security, and digital rights to as many people as possible. I play the role of CEO, content creator, consultant, video producer, and more.

Jonah Aragon

Jonah Aragon 🔗

Jonah Aragon is a passionate advocate for privacy, security, and digital freedom. He co-hosts the Techlore Talks podcast, contributes to various projects, and runs the Techlore Discussions web forum. He's also known for his work outside Techlore with the Privacy Guides non-profit.

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