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We're a small team educating people about digital rights, privacy, security, digital control, and other important topics to push the world towards a safer internet. We envision a world where technology works for us, not against usβ€”and we want to prove to people they can make a real impact for themselves and others. You can find more information about Techlore on our wiki.

Who We Are

Henry Fisher

Henry Fisher πŸ”—

Runner, artist, musician and digital rights activist. I'm the owner of Techlore, marketing manager for Cake Wallet, & co-host of Surveillance Report. I've developed resources for nearly a decade, using my expertise to improve people's relationship with technology and digital safety.

Jonah Aragon

Jonah Aragon πŸ”—

Jonah Aragon is a passionate advocate for privacy, security, and digital freedom. He co-hosts the Techlore Talks podcast, contributes to various projects, and runs the Techlore Discussions web forum. He's also known for his work outside Techlore with the Privacy Guides non-profit.


Jordan Warne πŸ”—

Passionate about technology, design, and the fight for digital rights. As Techlore's Clips Editor, I'm driven by the mission of making complex tech topics accessible and sparking conversations about online freedom.

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