Techlore Coaching

Techlore Coaching

Individual support, because you deserve to be safe.


Identity Theft Prevention

We analyze your weak points, threat model, and individual situation to protect your identity from strangers, people-searching websites, and cybercriminals.

Breach Protection

Learn how to protect your accounts and take control of your digital identity. From your operating system to online accounts, all tailored to your individual needs.

Individualized Support

There is no single configuration for every person. We perform an individualized analysis on threats you care about—then give you options to achieve your desired protection.

Direct Help

We are dedicated to your safety. Curious about creating a pseudonym, hardening your systems, protecting your public persona, or anything else? We are here for all your questions.

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Is coaching for me?
It depends.

Coaching can save you months (or years) of headache. We analyze your physical and digital life to give you clear, individualized support based on years of experience and research. Many clients have found the service invaluable in achieving their goals.

While the service is helpful for many people—we don't want you to think you can only be successful with our service. We also have countless free resources for those who prefer that avenue.
Why Techlore?
We pride ourselves on an evidence-based approach to everything we do. We are dedicated to making improvements to your safety through cited research & expert recommendations.

To date, we have worked with public personas, executives, and casual internet users alike—we believe anyone can benefit from coaching.
What can I expect?
Coaching varies depending on the individual, but for most clients it's a fairly involved process. We listen to your questions & goals, deep-dive into your digital and physical life to understand who you are, form an individualized plan to accomplish those goals, then execute. We don't recommend proceeding if you're not ready for the commitment! (If you're on the fence, there's a free 15 minute consultation where we answer any questions about coaching)

Some clients prefer an information-dense single session, where they ask all their questions for quick responses. Some clients prefer working together across several sessions over a period of time for a more thorough experience walking through the journey together. We're flexible and want to make sure you're only paying for what you need.

Techlore Coaching does not perform tasks assigned to you. (Ex. We may instruct you to delete certain accounts, but you are still responsible for implementing the advice)
How much does it cost?
Current Pricing
  • 1 Session: $300
  • 4 Sessions Prepaid: $800
  • 10 Sessions Prepaid: $1500
Education Pricing
  • 1 Session: $200
  • 4 Sessions Prepaid: $600
  • 10 Sessions Prepaid: $1200
Note: We reduce all invoices by 5% when paid using Monero. The listed prices above are not set in stone and may change over time. 4 & 10 session plans include ongoing text communication between sessions.
How is communication structured?
  • Scheduling is done on a per-session basis. When applying, clients select days and times that work best for them, which we do our best to accommodate. Each session is one hour.

  • Clients have the choice between video or audio sessions.

  • We do our best to have on-going text communication with 4 & 10-session clients to answer your questions between sessions.
What is threat modeling?
Threat modeling refers to "the process of identifying, understanding, and communicating risks and mitigation to protect something of value."

With countless people screaming different things you need to do to protect yourself, it becomes difficult to sift through what truly applies to you. We get personal and figure out exactly what you are trying to protect, then give you individualized options on how to achieve it. We don't believe there's a "one-size-fits-all" approach to privacy & security.
How is my information protected?
Protecting your information is our utmost priority. Our privacy policy outlines how we protect your data.