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VPN Toolkit FAQ πŸ§°

VPNs are NOT all-in-one anonymity tools! Our goal is to educate users on the benefits & shortcomings of VPN providers, while bringing transparency to the industry πŸ€
πŸ™‹  Do I need a VPN? What should I look for?

Depends on your use-case and threat model. We recommend the following resources to help you on your journey:

πŸ™‹  How do I use the VPN Toolkit?

However you want! We're not here to tell you which VPN to buy. Our goal is to offer objective data for every VPN so you can make a personal, calculated decision based on your personal requirements.

πŸ™‹  What does each column mean?

You can find documentation on what each column means here.

πŸ™‹  Where is X VPN? What about missing/incorrect data?

This is an open source project reliant on contributors to keep data updated. Please contribute to improve it for everyone! You can help fix errors, contribute new data, and add new VPNs to make this the best VPN chart on the web πŸ˜€

πŸ™‹  Is this open source?


πŸ™‹  Why do some areas have a question mark?

We aren't able to test every feature of every VPN service ourselves. If you see a '?' and are able to answer itβ€”please contribute to the chart so that we can turn question marks into real data for everyone else β€οΈ

πŸ™‹  How is the chart sorted?

The chart is loosely sorted from 'best' to 'worst', but this is ultimately personal preference. The VPN at the top of the chart may be perfect for individual A, and terrible for individual B. We encourage users to focus on the data of each service rather than strictly the order.

πŸ™‹  Can I get my VPN added to the chart?

Yes, but you'll go through the same process as everyone else. We don't accept sponsorship/affiliate/paid offers to prioritize any service. If you want to be on the chart - contribute directly to it - it's that simple!

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